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Supportive workplaces, productive people.

TudhopeHR provides employers with assistance related to all day-to-day human resources and employee/labour relations matters, including, but not limited to: policy and process development, workplace re-organizations,  personnel management, training, investigations related to workplace conduct and performance, workplace violence policy/process assessments, coaching and counselling, dispute resolution service, and job analysis/evaluation.

As it relates to workplace conduct policies, we have seen an increase in reports of bullying, harassment, and violence in the workplace. Labour laws require employers to identify and act upon inappropriate workplace behaviour, and development and enforce workplace conduct policies. 

TudhopeHR can help you to develop a healthy, supportive workplace and ensure that your business meets legislative requirements. This includes developing your corporate policies, training your staff on those policies, and conducting investigations in the event that a potential policy violation occurs. 


Additionally, TudhopeHR can help you address your needs related to job analysis, job evaluation, and pay equity, which will both ensure legislative compliance related to equal pay, and boost operational efficiency.  


With the assistance of TudhopeHR, you will have peace of mind so you can focus on the task at hand, and do so with a motivated, productive workforce.


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