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Corporate policies are the workplace rules that employees are expected to follow. There are hundreds of topics covered by workplace policies, and the need for a policy often depends on the type of work performed in a particular workplace.  Some topics covered by corporate policies may include: the way employees are expected to conduct themselves at work (commonly known as a code of conduct), the way work is to be performed (processes, production requirements, safety, etc.), or the extent to which employees can use business-owned resources for personal use. In Ontario, certain types of policies are legally required, but many employers have additional policies to address other matters. 
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Having the policies is step one.  The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires you to develop and maintain a program to implement your policies, which means that you need to make sure your employees are aware of and understand them. This provides your employees with the knowledge of what is and is not acceptable at work and allows them to identify and address problematic conduct.  It will also make your policies enforceable in the event that corrective action is required. TudhopeHR will conduct training sessions that clarify the intent and application of the policies, allow your employees to learn in a collaborative and participative setting, and provide you with a legislatively compliant workplace conduct program.    
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An investigation is a formal way to review possible breaches of your corporate policies or matters related to work performance. Investigations are not always required when potentially inappropriate conduct occurs, but there will be situations in which the facts are not immediatley certain, and an investigation is required to determine what has occurred.  An investigation conducted by TudhopeHR guarantees fairness to all parties involved and provides you with a report that will set out clear factual findings. 
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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative dispute resolution is a term that encompasses a number of techniques used to resolve conflict. This can include coaching or counselling employees to help them better understand a policy or performance requirement, or may involve bringing conflicting parties together to resolve a matter through a facilitated discussion or mediation.  This can occur as an alternative to a formal investigation where an investigation is not warranted, or following an investigation when parties to an investigation need to rebuild a positive working relationship.     
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