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The basic package includes a general workplace code of conduct that covers expected behaviours, workplace harassment and discrimination, and workplace violence. The policy will also explain the method for report and addressing complaints related to the policy.  This package will provide you with the policies you require to be legally complaint for workplace policies.



The essential package includes everything in the basic package plus TudhopeHR will deliver training to your employees (up to 20 per session)to ensure they are aware of and able to understand the application of your new policies.



With the complete package, TudhopeHR will deliver a policy and training to your employees.  In addition, your management team will receive training that will teach them how to address complaints that are brought to their attention, and you will receive an investigation guideline that will explain the recommended process to follow when issues arise.


TudhopeHR will offer additional training sessions if you require a larger number of employees to be trained on your new policies.  As requested, one on one coaching for employees regarding their conduct or the application of policies, and mediation between individuals who experience workplace disputes, can be provided.  Contact TudhopeHR to discuss additional services you require.  


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