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Why not make 2018 your year of legislative compliance?

Perhaps you’ve always been aware that you are supposed to develop, provide training on, and enforce workplace policies to identify, investigate and prevent problematic workplace conduct, but other concerns have taken priority. Maybe you’ve heard about other businesses having issues, but say “that’s not us”. You could have been one of the many people who were shocked by the prevalence of media reports in 2017, including the multitude of stories associated with the #metoo movement, focussing on individuals’ workplace experience and couldn’t believe just how many incidents occur and how many people are impacted.

Whatever the case, the reality is that in Ontario, for quite some time, employers have been obligated to implement policies focused on identifying, investigating, and preventing workplace violence, workplace harassment, and sexual harassment.

While these are not new obligations, many employers remain non-compliant. Make 2018 the year you change this, and show your employees that you intend to meet your obligation to provide a safe and supportive workplace.

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